About Us

PPJ Recordings is a U.S. based record label pushin proper jungle to the massive!

We don’t know if fate brought us together but it sure seems that way. The 3 of us met while talkin shit at some awful drum n bass show. You know what im talkin about… Crappy bar, music has no soul, nobody dancing, sound system so redlined that the speakers are distorting and sounding like garbage... Anyone who came through the golden age of the scene will gladly tell you how far we’ve strayed; And we couldn’t agree more! Well, while enduring one of these “shows”, we got to talkin and decided to do something about it. PPJ was born soon after.

Our goal is to provide high quality jungle, art, and culture to the masses. We facilitate soulfulness while inspiring others to do the same… And of course…. WE ROCK THOSE ROUGH TOUGH JUNGLE BBBEATS THAT JUST CANT BE F*^#ED WITH!!!!

Aaron, Rob, Drew

PPJ Recordings

(Individual bios comin soon)